sorry if this is posted already - can SL7 trial be installed while keeping SL6?

want to try SL7, but do I have to uninstall SL6?

You don’t have to, the two standalone apps can coexist with no problems.
Note that the ARA plugin will be assigned to SL7 though. To reassign it to SL6, simply reinstall SL6.

Reading with interest - and sorry if I’m hi-jacking a little, but a question for Robin:-

will the 30-day Pro Trial download be updated to the v7.0.20(?) upcoming patch…? Can you give any news on the timing of its release please…?



7.0.20 should be released this month or early next month (probably in the next 10 days). I won’t risk mentioning any exact date though, as it’s dependent on the validation/publishing pipeline :wink:
Yes, all the installer files will be updated accordingly. You’ll also get a notification when you launch SL 7.0.10 when 7.0.20 is available.

sorry just to clarify - there is no uninstalling involved for ARA2 to work? ie, if I install SL7 demo it will install the SL7 standalone alongside SL6 standalone, but in regards to ARA2, SL7 will over take SL6…and if I want to revert… I just reinstall SL6 which will overtake SL7 demo ARA2? no uninstalls?

Yes if you want to keep the two versions side by side no need to uninstall. Just make sure the last you install is the one you want for ARA.

Thanks for your patience so far… :wink:

Sorry, but a final bit of head-scratching:- say I have Elements 7 on-board. I then decide to install the Pro Trial, to check it over. Now, does it replace my Elements license on the dongle…? If so, at the end of the Trial, what happens.? Do a uninstall/re-install routine, etc, etc…?

What about Cubase projects I worked in that relied on the Pro Trial edition (via ARA Extension)…? Will these continue to load ok if I’ve removed the Trial (and re-installed Elements) …? I can understand if the projects aren’t going to be fully compatible, but then I should just make sure I render out all clips that I demoed the Pro Trial with, before it expires…?


There’s only one SpectraLayers 7 installer for both editions (Pro/Elements). So no need to uninstall/reinstall, it only depends on what licenses are active on your dongle.
If you have purchased an Elements license, and you add a Pro trial to your dongle, as long as the Pro trial is valid (so during 30 days) SpectraLayers 7 will launch as “Pro”. Once your Pro trial is no longer valid, SpectraLayers 7 will launch as “Elements” again.

No worries if you worked with a Pro license and are back to an Element license, your projects will still be compatible (both in standalone mode and ARA mode).

This is important … I upgraded from SL6 to SL7, keeping both installed until I had confidence that I didn’t need SL6 anymore. SL7 was available in Cubase via ARA2. When I eventually uninstalled SL6, I noticed that I no longer had any SL via ARA. The solution was to just reinstall SL7!

Ok, great - all clear now Robin, thanks. Seems I was over-thinking it a bit… :wink: So glad to read that project compatibility holds good between editions too.

will key commands transfer automatically?

Yes, you’ll keep all your settings.

Thank you! talk about quick responses