Sort massive amount of audiofiles

Hi people,
I just had a big recording session and got a massive amount of audiotracks. As I dont use ProTools, I have to import all of the audiofiles into cubase. Is there any way to automaticly sort them into cubase?

The names are for example:
Dr Room.01_03
Dr Room.01_04

Omg, I just figured out, I can select the tracks of one specific microphone and import all of them at one track. Is that the solution?

On importing a bunch of or all files together they’ll get sorted by name just like in the list.

If those files aren’t all tracks by themselves but content of tracks (i.e. Dr Room_01 should be followed by Dr Room_04 on the same track) there’s no way Cubase could know where they should be placed.

That’s what OMF and AAF are for. To get Cubase to understand the placement of all files/clips/events they have to be exported to an .omf or .aaf file out of Pro Tools or any other DAW. OMF is an older system while AAF is more modern, both work ok usually.

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