Sort notes ascending/descending

Is it possible to have this:

from this?

Thank you!


I’m sorry, I don’t think so.

But I like the 2nd more anyway. :wink: :smiley:

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I’m curious, @alin89c what would you use this for?

I would like to extract the tone rows from a serial work composed by Anton Webern (Op. 27). With a sort function, I could simply input the notes in a MIDI part (in whatever order), and let Cubase do the rest.

Extracting the tone rows manually would be both time and energy consuming…

For example, I would like to extract the notes in these 4 measures as: a one ascending tone row.

Like this:

I expected as much! (serial composition) I doubt there’s a way, but I’ll give it a try. Something like using the LE Event Counter, and Context Variables – and probably Delete Doubles at the end, do you see how it could work?

Or just change the start location of all the notes to the same location.

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Sorry, I forgot something super obvious- you can sort by pitch in the Project Browser!

Of course. This is right up the alley of the early (and still working) Cubase developers

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This is the best solution. After changing the start location of the notes, I can then create a macro to: copy, paste and advance the cursor (then repeat).

Because I can do this (GIF)

same start for all notes

About the Project Browser suggestion

It would be even better if – when selected in the Project Browser – notes got selected in the Key Editor as well. This way I could make a macro to:

  1. Copy the selected note
  2. Paste (given that beforehand the Project Cursor has been manually moved to an empty space)
  3. Advance the Project Cursor by a given amount (either a bar or a value equal to the selected quantize preset).

I could then execute the above macro for each of the notes in the Project Browser. Currently, the only option I have (as far as the Project Browser is concerned) is to assign the notes ascending bar numbers, like this:


project browser

True. I think there is very little chance of that though. The project browser can be skipped, really. Just do it all in the key editor.

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You can do this:

  1. select all notes, select Start position and press ctrl+enter so they all align:

After that you keep applying this logical editor macro which moves everything but the lowest note one beat to the right:

→ repeat until you got a nice scale :slight_smile:


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