Sort of render files

Is there a way to change the order of rendered files in the tab?
Cause if I’ve 20 audio files, I’ve to search every time for the original audio file after the render tracks, cause it puts the rendered file in the end of tab.
Is possible to be by the side of the original one?

Not possible, but that would be a good idea.

Yes, for sure! :slight_smile:

I’ve wondered, Is there a list of all files in a group in a tab up top? I mostly use the montage and generally don’t have open many individual audio files in a group but if I do it gets pretty crowded.

A list view would help me out with many open montages even, if the list included all the tabs in a group, individual audio files and montage files. Maybe it’s already there and I haven’t noticed.

When I’ve wanted separate, I’ve rendered to a new group.

The fastest way to find an opened tab is this: click there and type some letters of the file you are looking for.
You don’t even need to click in the field, as there is a shortcut: Ctrl + F (Cmd + F on the Mac)

Thanks PG. I’ll try that.

The list view thing I was thinking of is already there, on the ProjectManager tab, so thank you for that too. I’ve never noticed it.