Sort of the opposite of Display Quantise?

Hello folks
There is probably an embarrassingly obvious solution but…
Is there a kind of opposite Display Quantise?
I enter notes by mouse in the score editor. They are therefore, in terms of written score, all perfectly correct and quantised to be legible - the kind of score that I might hand an instrumentalist.
But after entering the notes I may want to go into the key editor and subtly shift midi positions here and there to give a less robotic playback, or I may want to shift the midi position of certain notes to accommodate legato delay, etc. But I want to do this without it affecting the written notation in the score editor.
What might be the best way to do this in Cubase 12?

Thank you

You’d still use Display Quantize which takes Unquantized Notes (which is what you’ve got after you move them around) and graphically displays them as if they were Quantized. Keep in mind the Score Editor is more of a graphics editor than a MIDI editor.

You can also have both Editors open at the same time so you can keep track of how they interact. Also if you haven’t explored using the Logical Editor for shifting your notes around you should take a look.

Try MIDI Modifiers on MIDI Inserts and play with length and position randoms.