Sort values from a csv-file created by Audio Analyzer

I was using the audio analyzer in the batch processor. The Analyzer created one csv-file for a couple of audiofiles. This file gets opened automatically with “Numbers”. So i am working on a mac. It is WaveLab 11.2. I want to sort the negative values for integrated loudness but unfortunately numbers interprets the values as text. This leads to a wrong result…wrong order. Changing the cell format to numbers doesn’t help. I cannot solve this problem in “Numbers”.
What would be the best way to solve this? Should i create a XML-file? Is there a way for me (in WaveLab) to define more precisely what appears in the cells? Which means: can I get rid of the following text? So far the text looks like this: -8.6 LUFS (Referenz + 14.4 LU)

Only “easy” way would be to write a script (python?) to slightly update the text.