Sort VST Plugins Menu by Vendor ???

my plugs are not sorted by Vendor in 8 … ??? Where is this option?

Hello studioton,
the option is in the new plugin manager in the upper right corner in the dropdown menu (arrow down icon).

yes,i found it …

you should inform us of any changes now in options … I suppose there are some more changes :unamused:

This might help.


I found it - its been moved from preferences to the plugins manager under devices…. how about putting that in the manual :smiley:

The manual for CB8 shows the location of this function as I am used to = Preferences/VST/Plugins, but where the tick box should have been there is now “Syncronize Plug-In program to track selection”. As I am dependent on vendor listing, I would appreciate any suggestion.

Devices-Plugin Manager-Drop arrow menu at the far right corner. :wink:

Thx, Much appreciated!

Just for info if youre looking for the Sort by vendor option for default plugin list, its still here- go to the new Plugin Manager and at the top right corner click on the arrow- youll see two options at the bottom of the pop-out menu: sort by category and sort by Vendor.

Regards J

… Or just tap the Vendor category header :wink: