Sortcuts for filtering top notes, 2nd notes, etc. - A workaroud


As said by Daniel in this post, there is no solution to assign shortcuts to select a top or second note of a chord and there will be no solution in a close future.

I find a workaroud without using external software. This work with my PC with French keyboard, I can easyly be adapted for mac users and other keyboards

1. go to Dorico param folder
%appdata%\Steinberg\Dorico 2 (open explorer and paste this adress : %appdata%\Steinberg\Dorico 2)

2. Make a copy of the file keycommands_fr.json
you could restore it if you get any problem

3. Edit the keycommands_fr.json file
eg with notepad

4. Locate this code :

"common" : {
		"contexts" : [
				"context" : "kGlobal",
				"shortcuts" : [

5. Insert the following code just after :

						"Filter.NotesInChordsFromTop?Index=0" : [ "Ctrl+Shift+&" ]
						"Filter.NotesInChordsFromTop?Index=1" : [ "Ctrl+Shift+é" ]
						"Filter.NotesInChordsFromTop?Index=2" : [ "Ctrl+Shift+\"" ]
						"Filter.NotesInChordsFromTop?Index=3" : [ "Ctrl+Shift+'" ]
						"Filter.NotesInChordsFromTop?Index=4" : [ "Ctrl+Shift+(" ]

Note this is for French keyboard. For an english Keybord, I think you can replace Ctrl+Shift+& by Ctrl+Shift+1

6. relauch Dorico,
Now, you can use Ctrl+Shift+1 and so on as shortcuts.

Here is my shortcut file (for French keyboard)

Have fun ! (729 Bytes)

Great tip Florent! You should share it in our francophone Dorico users page in FB!

That would be a great facility to have - can anyone please translate it to Mac for me? I don’t know how to navigate to those files on a Mac (OSX 10.11.6).

Thanks -


Great tip, FlorentG! How did you know you must to use “Filter.NotesInChordsFromTop?Index=0”? I don’t know anything about programming and I would like to do some other shortcuts.

I don’t think this ‘hack’ is needed anymore: Dorico lets you assign a key command to Filter > Top Notes, Bottom Notes, Second, Third, Fourth.


They appear in that menu, but I know that I can’t apply any key commands. The button simply doesn’t work. :frowning:

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Hi !
Try harder… Actually, you’re probably using key commands already in use or unusable (and depending on your keyboard layout, there are some that do not work, no matter what you do)
My keycommands for top notes are cmd F, N, T (because you can put a sequence of keys if you need). For instance, my keycommands for selecting the bottom notes is cmd-F, N, B (like Filter, Notes, Bottom, if that makes sense to you as it does to me)
Hope it helps !

Thanks for your helpful ideas, Marc. I’m assuming ‘Try harder’ is you being funny, because that’s what I do. :slight_smile: There were a couple of things that I was doing incorrectly:

  1. I was attempting to to type my key commands into the ‘Key Command’ title bar, thinking that it was the entry field.
  2. I also attempted to type into the box below the ‘Press shortcut’ button.
  3. In my color scheme, the ‘Press Shortcut’ button appears to be greyed out. . . it isn’t.
  4. After I figured out the ‘Press Shortcut’ button, I then had to figure out that when using multiple keys as a shortcut, you have to hold them all down, you can’t just press one at at time.

So, yes, in the end I got there because I kept trying. . . amazing what happens when you follow the procedures in the manual. . . I think that the GUI for this could made be a bit more intuitive. Easy once you know how, like most things.

Congrats :wink:
Yes, I was trying to be funny, but English is not my native language, so I might as well have failed miserably ^^
You finally managed to get what you wanted so I am happy. Please feel free to ask here before getting nervous, because you’ll find answers very quickly, and Dorico is too beautiful to make anybody angry :sweat_smile:

I love this response. All is well, except now my Audio engine isn’t working. :stuck_out_tongue: Now to tackle that one.

Thanks for the tip. For me this information is very helpful.