Sorting Audio File names in Project tab

Banging my head against this unsuccessfully so far.

I have a project with perhaps 100 audio files. In the project tab, audio files are listed in the order of the file tabs (even if no files are open, it seems), which at the moment is fairly random. This makes individual files difficult to pick out of the list. There doesn’t seem to be a way to sort the list alphabetically, nor do I see a way to search for a particular file.

What’s my best approach here? Thanks in advance.

. M

see this and this

This being “said”, the tabs are sorted as the tabs by design, as it allows to sort them as you like (my dragging the tabs).

I agree a search function within the project window is missing.

Thanks for the reply PG.

There is a button for “sort files by type” so may I suggest a “sort files by name” button next to it. Those buttons would be mutually exclusive. When both are off, the list is sorted by the tab order.

. M