Sorting out .cpr files after updating to new Cubase version

After upgrading my audio PC & updating my version of Cubase to 11 Pro, I’ve attempted to go back & work on projects created in 7.5. It appears when I open a project in 7.5, my data is all over the place. Audio from different projects gets migrated into the track I’m working on & I’m wondering how do I sort this mess out & what’s the best way to put everything in it’s place? Any ideas?

My advice would be to leave the original projects untouched, and work on copies of them. Then, one by one, load a C7.5 project, prepare an archive and save it to a new location as a C11 project. That process will gather everything related to the project into one folder. It’s described here.

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I would do EXACTLY as MrSoundman suggests.

So to add a further wrinkle (& my sincere thanks for your input), all of my saved audio on a dedicated drive is saved using a .bak extension so when I go to load these, none of the audio is recognized. I’m still at a loss as to how to find these missing files…

You could also open the old projects in C 7.5 then do a Media / Prepare Archive to Copy the external files to the 7.5 project folder then do the Backup.

I haven’t had 7.5 on my system in forever so Im not really sure on the copy external files into the project if you will. Especially if you have loops and files that are used and were not copied to the project folder this NEEDS done.

Someone else will have to fill in the blanks here.

I may try and load up 7.5 and see If I still can run it. No go here on both my Macs.
Ill truth PC now