Sorting playing techniques in alphabetical order


My Playing Techniques panel seems to be quite anarchic, in sorting the names of the contained items. Is there a way to sort them in alphabetical order? It would be easier to retrieve them.


Not that I know of. You can manually shift the order around now I think, but I don’t know of an included batch tool for sorting entries in the built in expression map editor.

If you are proficient with a good third party XML editor it’s possible to track down the corresponding XML in your installation and do it that way.

The same goes for a number of scripting engines out there (LUA is quite strong in manipulating table-like data sets).

I’ve found the XML editor trick rather helpful myself to reorder, or to quickly copy-paste subsets of parameters as base references for building longer and more complex maps, but it’s important to be careful, make backs-ups of the original, as well as keeping back-ups of your altered copies (an update of Dorico might possibly over-write something) and keep notes on where things were in the event of an ‘oops, I need to restore things’ moment.

EDIT: Never mind. Pilot error. :unamused:

The only file I’ve found, listing playing techniques, is in ~/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 3.5/, and it is called “userlibrary.xml”. What I see is the list of factory techniques, and the user techniques I saved as favorites.

I can’t see where the techniques used in the current endpoint configuration are stored. I would be happy to at least sort these. Having them separated between factory and users is fine for me.


I thought the playing techniques seemed to reorder themselves based on frequency of use within each category, but I could be mistaken.