Sorting tracks by alphabetical order

I have 23 tracks that I’d like to sort in alphabetical order (or ascending order - by numbers). Is this possible? Thank you.

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Unfortunately this is not possible.

Already requested here (3 requests in 2 years, not the highest priority, I would say).

Sorry, what is the use case?

I just thought it would be a nice addition to the Project Logical Editor. But I can also describe one use case. For instance, I am more comfortable to use numbers in the name of my tracks (as prefixes). This way, if I move a track close to another track, and go on like this during my entire editing session (with other tracks), at the end I know what was the initial track order and I can rearrarange the tracks in the same order that they were. But rearranging (sorting) by hand is a bit tedious, not to mention tiring. So It would be nice to just select the tracks and execute a “sort” command…

Thank you.

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You name the tracks and save them as track presets. You import them into another song (sometimes a lot) and a simple logial editor tool to sort selected tracks alphabetically would save a lot of time.
I guess most user sort them manually and don´t bother using the voting feature request system or don´t even know about logical editor tools etc…

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I mean you can already but some tracks in prenamed folder with the logical editor - why not have the possibility of sorting tracks top to bottom ?

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