SOS!!! Cubase 8 doesnt play music correctly!!!

Hello, everyone. I have Cubase 8 , and since yesterday i have a HUGE AND URGENT problem!

Yesterday i opened CLA session from his tutorial at Slate Digital. IT was in 48000 sample rate, and usually i work in 44100. The session didnt play correctly, there were some harsh sounds, clicks and clipping (i dont know why). I tried to change the rate to 44100, but it didnt help. The session still didnt play at all.

But today i have this thing in all my projects! Look:

My setup is Cubase 8 and RME Fireface UCX.

I cant work now. I dont know , what i did wrong! Help me please!!!

Well, deinstallation didnt help, i checked everything - sample rate, routing, output channels

But here what i have :Видео

thats another video! And where is the Steinberg support?? I payed more than 1000 euro for the license of the program, and i dont get any support from you guys! thats very dissapointing!!

Did you submit a support request at My Steinberg? This is a user forum, and while we do try to be helpful this is not where you’ll find official support.

Also, you might want to post your example somewhere that folks don’t need an account to see it. Sorry but I don’t have or need a dropbox account, so I can’t see what your problem is.