sos...files in the pool deleted.. help ..please !!

hi … after a very long session (19hrs)… i wanted to clean some stuff up b4 taking the project to the main studio , i used the delete unused files from the pool and then cleared the trash … what can i do to retrieve the files … please help …i have a mega problem on my hands … :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush:

anyone ???

I’ve successfully used a (free) tool called Recuva to retrieve deleted files from the filesystem in the past… There are many others that can bring deleted files back.

It helps if you avoid using the disk in the meantime because the file data is more likely to be in tact rather than written over. It’s not an exact science, you may not get all the files back, or all of a particular file.


Try to use another machine until its sorted - everything you do can overwrite the files. Deleted files arent, they’re just marked as unwanted - they used to have the first letter of the name altered to a ?. They can be written over if you keep fiddling tho.

I’ve not used it but Recuva has a good write on many sites.

There used to be a DOS command but I see that its gone now

Any chance you made a system image sometime prior to the trashing? Or system restore? Or a backup of the project?

all done… files retrieved using an app … deadline met … :blush: :blush: :slight_smile:
thanks guys as usual …you where great :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I was just lurking on this thread, but Phew! (wipes sweat off forehead in grand gesture)

Great! So what app did you use in the end? Worth mentioning for future viewers…