SOS - New PC doesn't like Cubase 7

Hi - I need some help please before I tear my hair out!

I am running Cubase 7 (32 bit), which I ran happily using Windows 7. I have recently bought a new computer with Windows 10, and installed Cubase 7 (32 bit)… it loaded OK, so far so good.

I then transferred my assortment of VST Plugins from my old PC to the new PC, and opened Cubase 7 again. This is when things started to go wrong.

After a slow start, I was presented with a series of error messages stating that one plugin after another could not be supported by this host. Other plugins had even more bizarre error messages, and then my Norton antivirus decided to join in the fun by chomping away at perfectly harmless plugins, deciding they were now harmful. In the end, Cubase 7 gave up and did not finish loading at all.

I have Googled this issue, and came across an article surrounding ‘jBridge’, but wanted to seek professional advise before installing any more rogue programmes onto my shiny new PC.

I would be very grateful for some guidance - this is why I generally on buy a new PC every 5 years…


Check, if your plug-ins are Windows 10 compatible, please. Sounds like they are not.