Sostenuto Pedal Retakes

Is there a reason why Dorico does not allow retakes of the Sostenuto pedal line for piano?

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Only the sustain pedal supports retakes in Dorico; neither the una corda nor the sostenuto pedal support it. The reason for this is that we didn’t think it’s required, as (if I recall correctly) we couldn’t find any examples of it in the piano literature we thought to look through. However, the nature of your question tells me that you, at least, would find it useful!

I’m not sure, I have to search better in some Busoni score…
For sure I needed it as well… :wink:

Hi Daniel,

Page 333 of “Behind Bars” seems to indicate that Sost. can be retaken (although it’s shown as “Sost. Ped_______|”


I’m not familiar with any repertoire examples myself, either. I’m working on some orchestral/operatic piano reductions where I think there is a history of using the sostenuto pedal frequently in playing but very little actually notated. But nonetheless, yes it’d be nice to be able to do.

For the time being, you can of course use a sustain pedal line and change the text at the beginning accordingly. But we’ll think about what it would take to make it possible to add retakes to other pedal lines.


Here’s another feature request for pedal lines. To confirm pedalling at the beginning of a new system Dorico offers two options:

Pedalling of subsequent systems

Sometimes I would prefer the lines to just go on, without the Ped. sign with or without parentheses, as in this example:


I’m sad to admit how long it took me to think of this. Thank you!

I would like to see this feature as well. With the suggestion to change the text while using the Ped. line, doesn’t that change the font? Is there a workaround to make the text use the Ped Glyph font?

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That’s a bit tricky. You can edit the Pedal Line Font font style to use Bravura and then insert the appropriate Unicode character in the Properties panel (via copy and paste), but that would then prevent you from using any actual text for the start of a pedal line elsewhere in your project.

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This also seems to effect the parentheses for the continuation signs and the font/size of una corda’s, unfortunately.

Yes, indeed, it will do so.

Has there been a solution for this yet? The pedal line continues for me until the last system when Dorico inserts (ped) rather than continuation of the line as in the rest of the flow.

Is the repeat in the last line becasue it is the one line that does not begin with a retake?

Yes, it doesn’t seem to have a retake there, that’s why the (Ped.) repeat sign appears there. As far as I know, there is not yet an option to have only the continuation of the line there instead of the (Ped.) repeat sign.

There is no retake on the last system. Piano should sustain from the Cmaj in measure 72. Is there any way to hide it? Other staves in the piece don’t have this issue regardless of retakes.

See this post for a possible workaround.