"Soulful Lady"

A new one from my humble wee studio. A new client, a non-musician but more karaoke enthusiast wrote this pop song as a gift for his wife - working title “Soulful Lady”. Murray is actually a school teacher with a 2 year contract in Abu Dhabi and will be returning there in a couple of days so this has been very much a rush job as he only came to me a few days ago with project! :astonished: I decided to introduce a bit of a Middle Eastern flavour to this one. :wink:

While there’s not much I can do about the vocal timbre, delivery, technique itself its the vocal timing that I’ve spent time on and has been a bit of a hassle for me. I’ve had to tweak it quite a bit and I think I’m just about there now, but… ?



Loved it when it started…nice and moody eastern feel, was disappointed when it turned into a sort of country rock thing…would’ve preferred it to stay eastern personally, Kevin

Hmm… don’t see how you could have stayed eastern given the chords and melody. The eastern bit is certainly interesting and well done, but seems to be a different song, and the tablas or whatever they are called sound a bit off, but the usual Ian quality comes through with the drums, bass, and keys…

You’ve found a niche with these sort of clients… good going!

agreed !

i once had a guitar riff that was similar but found it difficult to keep going plus i always felt like it needed bigger drums than i knew how to produce, always said i would go back to it though and this makes me wanna do it

Thanks for the comments. :slight_smile:
It is actually very difficult to merge Western scales and rhythms with those from the Middle East I found! :open_mouth:

Reality is this is in fact a very simple pop song and the intention really was to introduce a Middle Eastern ‘flavour’ rather than try replicate the style - which I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to! I also hear the percussion kinda sounds ‘off’ - it does to me too …sort of, but actually, its all on the ‘grid’ - its just the rhythms are quite complex I guess, and almost random in nature with lots of odd 16th’s here there and everywhere. :confused:


I think I know what the problem is. Try setting the quantize to 1/8 triplet for the percussion. I think that’s the setting - depends on time signature of course. But I think you want the quarter note broken down into a triplet, not into 16th’s. Anyway, sounds like that’s where you’re trying to land them… I could be off base here.

The percussion is created by Jamstix’s ‘jamcussion’. I already have its ‘swing’ control’ set at around 25% so… when I say ‘on the grid’ its actually ‘on the grid with some swing’ :neutral_face:

so, sounds wrong to you, sounds wrong to me, but it’s a computer, so…

amazing…just by listening :smiley: :smiley:

This one is schizophrenic. I get the context of the musical exotica
but for me the problem is the song itself, given all those
references to things Persian/Arabian yet it’s a C&W tune.
I’m trying to visualize the cowboy wearing a turban, or riding
a flying carpet rather than a trusty steed. Or knocking back
dates with that saloon whisky. And his lady isn’t wearing
buttons n’ bows but harem pants and a veil.

Still, he’s a paying customer, so it’s all good. :wink:

Country & Eastern… :wink:

Interesting song, Ian.
Strange mix of styles, but it sounds good, mixwise.

Funny imagery by Jet! :smiley:


hmm, kind of a neat project, for unknown reasons I felt a clint eastwood spaghetti western soundtrack. took a bit of getting used to just because I kept hearing a different vocal style and lyrics. sounds good though, its something I think you could experiment with further.

One of the problems with the tabla may not be the placement of the hits, but actually the type of hit itself. It just doesn’t sound correct for the way a real performer would hit the strokes with his/her right and left hands. the only way to get around it properly is to buy a tabla and figure out what strokes you’d use :stuck_out_tongue:

Good quality production once again.

Its always risky going out on a limb but I did keep a ‘normal’ version up my sleeve just in case! :wink: However Murray is a non-muso so maybe a little more open to ‘rule-breaking’ ?


As mentioned the client absolutely loved the ‘schizophrenic’ version. Actually that’s a good description Jet - but schizophrenic as opposed to what I wonder? - predictable, normal, conventional, safe, conservative, orthodox, traditional, stereotyped, unimaginative, conformist… sane? :smiley:

Still, he’s a paying customer, so it’s all good.

Indeed. I experimented with something a little unconventional on this one and the guy with the $$ dug it so… :sunglasses:

Perhaps as Wim suggests - maybe I’ve just started a whole new genre “Country & Eastern” ! :laughing:

Confused by the trip around world here and choice of some of the instrumentation also, but as long as client is happy that is good thing.