Sound Bath

Sound Bath


what do you guys think?
btw pick 1080 for best sound…

Hi, I am getting “this video has been removed by the user”.

OK, I got it now. I like the overall effect of the song, actually more than the others I listened to. At 3:16, a second guitar jumps in playing in the major key while the other is still playing in the minor key. May have been intentional but comes across as a mistake. They sound like samples to me, so either they are, or they’ve been meticulously scrubbed for finger noise. I think real guitars would give life to this one.

unfortunately it is a sample, I am using it as a rhythmic element, since it’s a softsynth sample I can’t change the scale…
unless I can convert that to audio and then put it through some sort of pitch correction filter… I guess, I can do that…
but Early21, I do appreciate, you taking time out to listen to my music… thanks… do you have music online?
do you play guitar? perhaps we can collaborate?

thats the coolest pic, my laptop sound is out but I subed ya there and will check everything out when I get to the desktop

Early21: the music is in F# Major, the sample is being played using the keys within the scale.
tuning is the same 444Hz not 440, and sample is Halion sonic FlexPhased Folk Nylon. Other instruments played by hand are from omnisphere, on the other-hand pitch correction on the wave version sounds horrible…

thanks for listening bluebob …

I think the song is in EbMinor, not F#Major. But they’re the same key signature, aren’t they. Anyway, the rhythmic guitar throws in a G, that’s why I said it was playing in major (Eb major) against the other guitar playing Gb. I don’t know your soft synths. Sounds like a strum sample, and you really can’t retune those. Maybe you can change the key on the strum sample to EbMin? Or not, up to you!

F# Major Scale = F#,G#,A#,B,C#,D#,E#
Eb Minor = D#,E#,F#,G#,A#,B,C# same notes different sequence…
My understanding of scale building is rather limited, basically it’s 2-2-1-2-2-2-1 for major and 2-1-2-2-1-2-2 for minor and all you are doing is transposing keys. as long as the pattern stays the same for major or minor… am i correct?

Yes, you are right. Without going into a long discussion about the difference between major and minor scales, EbMinor and F#Major have all the same notes in them. Just one starts the sequence on Eb and the other starts on F#. Either way, G natural isn’t in the scale. That’s all I was noticing. If it sounds right to you, then it is right!

EbMinor it is, because my Root is D# also known as Eb :slight_smile: you are right…

so Early21 are you a hobbyist or pro? I do this just to relax, but one day I would like to release a nice relaxing album , one day when I have enough songs, that have all the instruments playing in the same key LOL!

Update: Early21 does this sound right? see attached…
Sound Bath.mp3 (1.65 MB)

bump! question for Early 21…

Indeed. Sounds like you have the MIDI arpeggiator playing a nylon string guitar sample?
The track has a nice ambience (though I found the bell sound to be too loud). I would liked to have heard more of a melody, a lead part playing over what you have here which sound more like backing tracks I thought.


Sounds like you fixed it to me.
Most I’ll admit is I have some music education. Would also one day like to release an album, although it should be stimulating and unnerving rather than relaxing! But I guess I could just give the individual tracks to my mom…

I am going to create a new mix, and update my YouTube video, figured out how to switch the key.

Sherz: thanks for the feedback…

A most enjoyable listen. Guitar scales sounding fine here, you must
have fixed 'em. Real ones could add another dimension, but it’s not a perfect world
(hmmm…sounds like a song I know).

Your file has a 30-sec tail of silence? :confused:

Nice, good title as well :slight_smile:

Not to be a pedantic know-it-all, but E-flat minor is NOT the same as F#. Yes, on an instrument using Equal Temperment, like a piano, the keys one plays will be the same. But other instruments, chiefly strings, one often uses something closer to Just Intonation and in such cases E-flat minor will NOT be the same notes, positionally-speaking, as F#. In any case, and continuing on with this didactic pedantry :stuck_out_tongue: , F# has 6 sharps, while E-flat minor has 6 flats (and is technically the relative minor of G-flat)

Thank you :laughing:

Oh, I almost forgot

I thought is was a very nice composition! :sunglasses: