Sound browsing inside of Cubase 5?


When I’m inside Cubase 5, is there any smart sound browsing system?
In FL Studio I’ve seen there is a very smart browser on the left side of the screen. Can’t find anything similiar in Cubase 5.

I need to browse inside of Cubase 5 because when I turn Cubase 5 my Asio 4 All drivers mute Windows and all other programs (is there any way to fix this?)!

Thanks in advance,

Devices Menu -> Device Setup
VST Audio System Section
Check “Release Driver When Application is in Background”

Not sure about your other question.

Does not work because Cubase 5 Asio 4 All does not resume back to the driver when trying to go back to Cubase :cry: => makes Cubase 100% quiet.

Import audio should allow you to crudely browse sounds while within cubase.

Is there no mediabay in Cubase 5?

There is even a soundbrowser, IIRC…

So how do I reach it? It’s not really helpful just writing “there is a soundbrowser in Cubase” and then don’t tell us where to find it. :smiley: but thx fyi though!