Sound, but no waveform

I just installed WE9 on a friend’s computer (windows 10); after installation, any .wav file can be played and heard by pressing the spacebar but the waveform doesn’t show up on the screen. All the tool windows like the master section can be made visible on the screen, except for the audio editor screen.

Anyone has a suggestion?

I don’t have a suggestion other than that it might be good to post a screen shot of what you do see on the screen and maybe somebody can help.

I don’t have access to that computer right now, but the wavelab menu is shown on top, the name of the audio file as well, when i hit spacebar i can the file being played. But there’s a big black screen. No waveform, no overview, no transport. I can call up the master section, the marker window, but the the audio editor seems to be ‘hidden’. :confused: