Sound card/Asio

Hi; i recorded an audio when my sound card off ((with asio driver), and it’s beat at 110k)). when i turned on sound card it’s velocity down and Accord is broken. Actually the second sound is better for me :slight_smile: but when export it, it gives output related to firs circumstances. How can i fix it?

Yikes, was this question translated by a computer? I can’t understand the question. Can you rephrase?

I’m going to translate velocity down and accord broken as the audio is playing slower and not in sync.

So it’s presumably a sample rate mismatch problem. Soundcard, Project setup and audio in a project must all be at the same sample rate.

If that doesn’t help, perhaps you managed to record in to a project set at one rate while the interface was at the other rate and you now have files that think they are one rate but are really the other.
In this case editing the sample rate in the file header is the only option. This can be done with sox or with a hex editor but not sure how easy this will be for you given the language barrier!

Good luck!

Hi, i use cubase elements 8, i recorded some tracks (midi) with asio. Then i switched it to ex-sound card (rolandua-22) to record guitar. When i push the record button, the rhytm is very slow and sound is distorted. İ read about synch in transport menu but i couldn’t manage. Firstly i realize that i don’t know how to set up tempo adjustment. ,Can you show basically? Is it clear, i apologies for my language. The situation is complex and i couldn’t get out for a week.

where can i match them? Do i have to record all audio and midi files again?

First check the sample rate settings are the same in these three places.

Cubase Project Setup
Audio Interface Control Panel
Audio Files (in Cubase Pool)

And tell me what they are.

Also clarify what you mean by you recorded your midi with asio…do you mean with asio4all driver?