sound card dosnt show up in "divice setup"

my profile: cubase 7.5.20 (64 bit) on win7
i have a edirol ua-4fx (roland) sound card.
i installed the driver (after the cubase install) and the card dont showup at the “divice setup”…
the card work on my windows perfect. the problem show up just in the cubase…

You’re saying that in your ASIO drop down list as shown below (whatever version this pic is from yours will look similar) you don’t see your particular audio device in this drop down list?

The ONLY time I couldn’t see my prefered ASIO device/sound card, was when I was using a USB interface…among many other utter failures with using USB :unamused:

If it works in Windows, then I guess you have it set correctly? You DO have your sound card within Windows set as the ‘Default Playback/recording Device’ etc?

Be certain you’re using the proper driver version for your OS, maybe you should try uninstalling it and reinstall it. Also, did you install the hardware before the drivers, or the drivers before the hardware? Some manufacturers may suggest one before the other.

You may want to do the Windows hardware install thing to see if that helps? Couldn’t hurt.

Of course, when you get it recognized you’ll want to set your VST Inputs/Outputs (or ‘VST Connections’ in your case I think).