sound card for cubase studio 4

hi all

have been using an audigy 4 card for a while with no problems (mainly roland td20 midi files +superior drummer as a vst) until the hard drive died a month ago…

since re formatting i cannot get the better drivers on (daniel k’s) and am suffering with huge latency probs! SO i bid on a delta 1010lt on ebay and won at £60,…the question is will it hugely help this issue and is there anything i can do to help my (average) processor?

many ta’s si

windows 7 64 bit
4gb ram
average processing
cubase studio 4
roland td20 / superior drummer as my main usuage

The 1010lt should be able to run with low latency and the drivers are good.#

The best thing to help your “average” processor is to get an above average processor. :smiley:

ta mate…i cant upgrade the processor unfortunately…and a new motherboard will mean another reformat AND it cost me soooo much swag very recently to have the system sorted i aint gonna do it for a while! would if i could