Sound card output issues

Hi everyone.

I use a komplete audio 6 Audio Device and Cubase Artist 7.5. I have been producing on my headphones using the built in audio device on my laptop, but decided to switch to my audio card and monitors for mix down purposes.

However, when I switched the ASIO Driver to Komplete Audio 6, all the individual channel faders and master faders stopped showing output and no sound was coming through my speakers. I have checked inputs and outputs through VST connections as well as making sure the inputs and outputs are correct on each channel, but to no avail.

When I then unplug the sound card and return to built in audio, the channel tracks and master out comes back and it plays again.

Has anyone else had this problem or knows what it could be? I honestly cannot figure out what is going on.

Thanks in advance!


Check the Buffer Size, please. Try to increase it.

What OS do you run? What is Sample Rate of your project?