Sound card problem with Cubase Elements - Tascam US-1800

Right, I’ve scoured the forums and can’t find a solution for this.

I’ve recently installed Cubase Elements 7 but for some reason can’t get it to work with my main soundcard. I’ve imported a stereo wav and played it on a stereo audio track, and the input signal is registering on the mixer, however there is no output signal registering. I’ve checked VST connections and they’re all correct, to outputs 1 and 2 on my Tascam US-1800. I’ve checked Device Setup, and this is set to the driver for my sound card, which is working perfectly in every other program (Guitar Rig standalone, Nuendo 4, web browsers, VLC, games etc) but there is no output signal registering on the mixer and no sound coming out of the speakers in Cubase. If I change to the generic driver… it works fine, but this is no good for me as I’m then limited to 2 input channels instead of 10 (and I need at least 6-8 for a drum kit).

I’m going to bed now as it’s 2am UK time, but if anyone has any ideas, I’d be most grateful.

Spec: Windows 7 x64, Cubase Elements 7 x64, Tascam US-1800

I used US 1800 for a couple years with Cubase with no problems. You have a setup issue.

First off, have you downloaded the drivers directly from Tascam for your Windows version? 64-bit or 32-bit?

This is an easy issue to find if you make sure to get all of the setup steps done correctly.

Feel free to message me. I will figure this out for you.