Sound card switching to screen audio when clicking to browser

My audio card still sounds great in cubase however when I click away from safari browser and play a YouTube video, the sound switches to my LG screen monitors audio so I can’t play along with my VST instrument. What am I doing wrong?


In this case the system’s Audio Device is in use. So you have to set the default Audio Device on the system level. Do you use Mac or Windows? As you are using Safari, I would expect Mac:

  • System Settings > Sound > Output & Input > Output. Select your Audio Device here, please

Thanks Martin for super speedy reply. I may have got the order wrong. When Im listening to safari YouTube I can hear through my audio interface (and the interface is enable in general sound settings). Yet when I click mouse back into my cubase window, I can hear my cubase vst instrument, however safari then switches to the audio coming through my LG monitor? It seems cubase and safari cannot use the AXR4t simultaneously?