Sound Card vs Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver

Hi There,

I have recorded wav. files on a Roland BR-600 that I mix in Cubase. my question is…I have a Roland Quad Capture, should I use the Quad over the Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver when exporting mix/masters to a wav.? Is there a difference in the sound? Please could someone shed some light on this topic.

Thank you

You should use your audio interface’s for the best stability and lowest latency.

Ok thank you, so the quad capture will have a better sounding wav.? Yes?

No, the connection between your computer and the Quad Capture is 100% digital (USB), so stuff like cables and audio interface drivers wont affect the audio quality.

So basically using the Quad Capture driver wont affect the sound at all, but it will make everything work better.