Sound Cards Fix For Cubase 8 (asio4all)

Hi Everyone
I recently downloaded Cubase Elements 8. I discovered that it was not working with my sound card. I then downloaded “asio4all” from It has an option of setting up your sound cards in Off-Line Settings. In these settings, it had picked up both of my sound cards. I switched it to my preferred sound card, but found it worked with both. It seems to me, there is a problem with the asios in the new Cubase.
Hope it works for you,Cheers.

Well basically you should know: cubase can only work with one asio device=driver at a time. One should usr the asio driver that comes with the soundcard.

asio4all Provides the capability to work as the single driver in cubase and supporting multiple soundcards of different typesxand brands simultauously

the price you pay is latency and instability.

Cheers ernst