Sound comes after i play the keyboard


I have not been here for almost a year, i think it’s been.

I am STILL a total newbie to CuBase 8.

I don’t know why when i play the keyboard, the sound comes out of the speakers about a half second late.

What am i doing wrong, please?


What you re doing wrong is, you are not giving any useful information…
Read up on “latency”.

I’m sorry to have bothered you, sven.
I simply just don’t know enough to make it more complicated for you.

So, until i get more familiar with all of this, i would really prefer someone from Steinberg assisting me.


I am, also, pretty confused because now, i can’t locate the file i was working on while in the Key Editor. I was sure it would be a breeze to open the file i was working on in the Key Editor. But, no.

Here is a screenshot of the Device Setup in my CuBase pro 8

Thanks for the tip, sven.

Find the settings panel for your interface and lower the buffer size. The lower the buffer, the faster the sound.

I am using a UR242.
Only the MIDI cables, and the output for the amp speakers are plugged into it.

I can’t see how to access the settings panel for the UR242.

Thanks marqs

Ok, so i went to my computer’s control panel and i clicked on Yahama Steinberg USB Driver and i lowered the buffer from 512 to 64 samples, and i clicked “ok” to save the change. I rebooted the system, restarted CuBase, and it’s the same thing. No change at all in latency.

I had a friend here last year and it all worked perfectly. There were no latency problems - until he left. He and i are no longer friends.
This whole latency issue is odd.

Try changing the Asio Guard settings. I have no real experience with it as I usually work on 1024 samples buffer where Asio Guard becomes irrelevant but maybe it helps.

I tried changing a lot of things.

Turn off FX with high plugin delay. And with turn off, I mean turn off, not bypass. Don’ t use MS wavetable synth. Use the forum search, plenty of “sudden latency” threads in the last time, solution to yours certainly is not different

Thanks again, Sven, but i am not using any effects (FX) to turn off.
I just want to start using CuBase since having it since around March 2016.

I don’t have all kinds of time to read all the forum about every person’s latency issues.

Look, last year a friend came over to see if it was installed correctly because there was this latency issue, and CuBase worked perfectly for him. I was beside myself.
I thought it just resolved itself because that seems to be what had happened.
I tried out it for myself, a few days later, and this latency issue was back again.
I stopped trying to use it since then (last year) and focused on other things like video editing.
I’ve had CuBase for just over 2 years and have not even got to use it yet.
All of my free trials which came with the purchase expired just the other day and i had barely even tried them out. I never even tried out the piano or the drums trials.

Why don’t you just tell me what you want to see and i’ll take a photo and post it?
You seem to know a lot about it. But instead of asking me anything, you keep telling me to read up on it. I had a look at the search function and it seems people are using things i do not have.
I am using only Casio keyboard as a controller - nothing fancy, at all, over here.


Well, but there is an FX track in your screenshot…!?

Because just like you,

…ask every single detail from everybody.

What are you triggering that the sounds that are coming out 1/2 second after you press the keyboard?

Is this an External unit, A Steinberg VSTi, ANother VSTi?

When i load up CuBase i have to select a pre arranged “setup”. So i select one and i get what is seen in the previous screen shots.
When i said i didn’t open any FX, i meant just that. I did not select effects, they just opened with the tracks.
I do not have any "working tracks, meaning there is no data or waves on tracks.I just press my MIDI keyboard and the sound comes out late.
Here is what see when i expand the FX you mentioned.
When i right-click i see this:
In the inspector column, i notice i can click in the circle beside FX. Does that shut down the FX like you said to do, or does doing that just deactivate it like you said NOT to do?

Please note that this is my first time trying to make things work in CuBase since buying it and joining the forum. So when you say things like “shut down”, it might be a good idea to tell me HOW to shut down - to save us both time.

I don’t understand what you are asking, really.
I am using CuBase Pro 8 (complete version).
All i did was select a template of tracks using my tower because i don’t know how to assign tracks yet.
I need to know so much but i just can’t get passed this latency issue, so i can’t move on to other topics.


From what instrument Are the delayed sounds coming?

So far, i am just trying to use MIDI tracks using my Casio keyboard.
I have not even tried to record a wave track.

I’m not talking about waves I’m asking what instrument the sound is coming from. An internal VSTi or an external one (the Casio for example)?

Yes, i know you are not talking about waves. This thread is ALL about MIDI.
I just stated, in advance, that i have not even tried to record any waves yet.

I am only using a Casio keyboard which is plugged into the UR242 interface with the MIDI in/out cables. I just selected a template because i don’t know how to assign tracks, yet. I clicked on the MIDI monitor tab, and heard sound is coming out a 1/2 second late.
I hope this is what you want to know.

You have no idea how new i am to this new CuBase DAW. The last time i used CuBase was when version 3.5 was out.
Before that, i was using CuBasis VST Instruments Version 1.0.
That’s about 17 years ago. And i will add it was MUCH easier to use back then.
I still have the box for it.Imgur: The magic of the Internet