Sound Content for Dorico Pro (4.3) does not appear in Library Manager

I just got Dorico Pro 4.3 and installed the Sound Content (10 GB) on my C drive, which I really didn’t want to do, but there did not seem to be any choice. I would like to move that library to an external drive but Dorico does not even appear in the Steinberg Library Manager, and the Library Manager in Dorico seems to be something entirely different (involving notion and layout options, etc.). Thoughts?

Steinberg Library Manager is indeed what you need. It doesn’t show any of the Dorico content? It should show the various HALion Sonic SE libraries, plus Olympus Choir Micro, Keda Indian Drum Basics, and HALion Symphonic Orchestra.

Thanks. I naively thought the new content would be called “Sound Content for Dorico Pro.” Yes, of course – I do have the Halion content. I just tried to move the HALion Symphonic orchestra and the move failed. I think I’ll try later tonight when I’m not so busy and I can do a restart on my machine – maybe have too many apps open right now.

I don’t know why the move would fail. Maybe not enough space left on your drive?
The library manager doesn’t do any magic there, just moving the files out to the new location and creating symbolic links back to the original location.

There’s plenty of room on the external drive – almost 800 GB. I’m thinking it might have been a matter of memory. Unfortunately, won’t be able to check out until later today.

I’ve tried to use Steinberg Library Manager to move all the new included sound content to my external SSD (1.35TB available), but I just get a “move failed” message.

I don’t wish to keep all the sound files on my interal drive, but I can’t seem to get the Library Manager to move the content. I can move the files manually, but then I’d need to somehow relink them do Dorico knows where they are. Any suggestions?

I suspect the “move failed” error will be somehow related to file permissions. Do both the current source and the new destination folders have wide-open permissions?