Sound cut out of Cubase

I am in the middle of a session and was working in Stylus RMX trying out some sounds while suddenly the sound cut out of Cubase. I didn’t even leave the desk for a break for my machine to got to sleep or load a new plug in, or change anything in Cubase. I was just browsing in Stylus library for sounds.

Now I have to shut down cubase and reload the whole session to get it back.

Will I ever be able to work one day in Cubase without SOMETHING cutting off my flow?


But seriously, am I the only one this happens to?

This has been happening consistently since I began my move to Cubase about 2 months ago. The sound cuts out either I leave the computer for 20 mins, or if I am just in the middle of working in Stylus RMX or any other synth. Its just so random, I can’t pin point what is causing it.

In order to get the sound back, I have to shut down Cubase entirely and reload my session.

Never experienced that personally. You’re not running an aggregate sound device through Cubase?

Also check your Apogee is fully up to date as they had sound issues like this in the past, and ensure that the sample rate is set on your Apogee to match Cubase too. (Via the Apogee control software).