Sound delay Yamaha KX8

Hi all,
I’m very new at all of this, I have bought a 2nd hand Yamaha KX8 and have loaded cubase and it onto the computer… after rebooting Vista without any updates… any how that’s a very long story. I have just started playing it and there is a delay. How can I fix this. My usb connector is only about a metre in length, much less than the less than 3 metres recommended. Help… I’m fast becoming frustrated with the whole set up as it’s taken so long to set up and I’m now just not happy :cry:

What version of Cubase? What is your soundcard?

Hi Split,
I’ve used Cubase A1 and the sound card is SigmaTel High Def Audo CODEC and Intel High Def Audio HDMI. Do you think that might make a difference? It’s a standard Dell computer.

Which ASIO driver is selected? What VSTi are you using?