sound design tips

Here’s a question for you all. I’m doing a project in uni where we are building a videogame. Naturally, I offered to do the music and sfx. Preferably I’d make everything myself, for fun and to avoid copyright matters.
I’m quite efficient at programming my synths, but I’m having trouble with 1 thing. I’m looking to create a water bubble effect. How would you reckon this is best achieved without using samples? Apart from the included cubase synths, I have a blofeld (subtractive analog emulation with 3 oscs, wavetables, ringmod and fm and pwm) and reaktor prism. Now the last one is very good at making all kinds of dichromatic bell-like sounds so I would probably start with that. I’d love to hear how you would do this kind of thing.

Glass of water a straw and a microphone!

Can you give us a more complicated possibility?

Several different glasses of water, several different sized straws and a choice of microphones :mrgreen:


use free ones :wink:

Greetz Bassbase

You could hum through the straw too.

Aloha S,

A possible starting point using

the included cubase synths,

might be:

HalionSonic SE—>‘Musical FX’—>‘Beeps&Blips’—>either:

1-‘Bouncing Bubbles’
2-‘Filter Bubbler’.

Or course there is limited editing with HalionSonic SE.
If you have the full ‘HalionSonic’, a lot more editing can be done.

Hope this helps

burrito, you and a bath tub?

Is this what you meant when you said ‘sound design’?

As in design a ‘bubble’ sound from scratch. (the old school way :slight_smile:)

1-Using a ‘typical’ synth, (retrolog etc)
2-take a basic sound wave (sine/saw/triangle etc) as a source.
3-Now apply filtering/modulation/envelops etc and
4-come up with a ‘bubbling’ type sound?

Is that the project you had in mind?


Yeah, I was hoping to do it purely with synthesis and fx. Not that it matters much, but I like it as an experiment. I have to admit the burrito bathtub combo sounds promising too :smiley:

+1! :neutral_face::open_mouth::astonished::confused::mrgreen:

Careful with the mic doing this. Had to clean a U87 for several hours after someone tried this.
To be fair the guy that did it found that gurgling his hot cuppa gave the requisite noise. Gave a good sound but recommend cold water and a pop shield. Mid 1980s samples were not instantly available.

Cleaning mic capsules is not for the faint hearted, or the wobbly handed :laughing:

Last time I recorded a “glass of water” was for a track about hangovers!!! where we wanted a Plop, Plop, Fizz like someone preparing some alka-seltza!!! I used some of those large orange fizzy vitamin C tabs into a large glass of water and a small diaphragm C451 wrapped in a thin bit of plastic, just in case!!!

Worked very well :stuck_out_tongue: