sound designers: what are you using to organize your audio

Im using Cubase Artist 8.5. Coming back to Cubase after a long hiatus, and a legacy version SX3 of Cubase as my last reference point.

So, new to me is the Media Bay and all its search features. I just discovered only the Pro version of Cubase has “libraries”.

While the way I use the audio I create doesnt require the use of a Sampler, or so I thought, I am wondering now if a sampler would solve the search and access workflow issue I can see looming before me. I have sounds I made a while back that are in folders aof exported audio that I had at one time organized on a hard drive and have pulled manually into some new projects. Thats ok and it works for now, but I am wanting to know what combination of features I already have in Artist 8.5 and maybe some other simple (meaning basic/inexpensive) sampler or similar software I could be using for better workflow.

If you are doing a lot of sound design, what other Cubase users using?

Oh, I have a legacy version of Halion that I am sure wont work with 8.5. I never got a chance to use it either. :frowning:

Sorry, deleted part of my question: If you are doing a lot of sound design, what other Cubase or other apps are you using? (for organizing sounds)