Sound differences rendering mixes in 7.5.30 created in 6.5

I recently posted a topic about sonic differences in my studio between mixes rendered in 6.5 and 7.5.30. This topic has now been moved to the lounge (probably because it had the title “Cubase 7.5.30 Sound engine”…), this was the first thing that came to my mind…

You can find it here:

in this post I did some testing, and came to the conclusion that some things ARE different (no, not the engine).
It’s the eq that is (very) different, and if my assumptions are correct something has changed for the better from 6 to 7 using groups. (better delay compensation in complex setups maybe). Anyway. To my ears my mixes sound a lot more focussed and more “hi-fi” when played back in 7.5.30.

My testing has definitely shown that there can be audible differences, and I think this post could maybe be of interest if you mix using cascaded groups or complex routing.

In short, it looks like 7.5.30 does some things better than 6.5…It certainly sounds this way overhere.
If you are not interested in compatibility from 6 to 7 just ignore this posts.

My mini-rant about post moving was off-topic and not helpful, so I’ve removed it.

The new eq is fantastic. I have never trusted the interal channel eq in cubase. It was so terrible and could destroy a mix. Now the new lp and hp filter is even better than A 3rd party eq I rely on. I tested the Lp filter against my goto eq DMG audio Equality and cubase sounds so much cleaner. I still you equality but I’m now using the channel eq a lot more.

So I can concur, 7 sounds way better. I actually posted something about this when I upgraded from 5 to 7. It was an incredible difference.

and not to hijack this thread but
in SX3 the eqs were so bad that they sounded great
on raunch guitars, clavs, dirty synths etc and not much else.

C4 is where the Steiny eqs reached what I called the: ‘SM58’/ ‘Ford F150’ level.
Not the best but quite usable for most work.

They have been getting much better since.

But between C6 and C7. can’t tell a diff.
And if there is a difference I would suspect the new mixer.

For any suggestions of sound change we must have before and after audio files to compare otherwise it is all pure speculation

But didn’t they change the EQ algorithm to the studioEQ one, not so long ago ? To lazy to look it up I’m afraid.