Sound disappearing on playback and write mode

Hi I have changed my playback using third party VST instruments
All was working ok and then out of the blue stopped playback of sound
The strange thing is if I reload a project and click on a note I hear the sound briefly and then all disappears
If I then use the apply default playback function the sound comes back using the stock sounds
I’ve spent many many hours setting up playback using kontakt and various Sound libraries so this is really frustrating to have to go back to halion
Any ideas anybody?


Could you be experiencing this?

If so, it’s a known bug which Steinberg is working to fix.

Hi Mark Thanks for reply. No i dont thinks its the same as the program continues to work and i can still enter notes, just cant hear them.
Its almost as though im hitting mute all tracks.I hear the first note then silence.
If I go into edit vst instrument even the Halion sounds are mute when you mouse click the gui keyboard,but if I click on “ApplyDefault Playback Template” the sound comes back but on the Halion library. Ive spent the best part of two days setting up Berlin woods,Brass and CSS Strings so would like to be able to use them.The frustration is it all was working…


I’m sorry - Yes, of course you’re right. Looks like (I can hardly say ‘sounds’ like :cry: !) a completely different phenomenon.

They crucial point might well be that it was all working.

I know it’s a silly question, but - was there any change, no matter how small or apparently insignificant - that you may have made before getting the silence started?

Very strange.
The part where you say, “I hear the sound briefly and then all disappears”, reminded me of case I just had a couple of months ago.
A user had installed the tracking software Prey and that prevented the audio engine from working correctly. But that guy then never got any normal playback running, not even with ‘Apply Default Playback Template’, so this is different to your case and it must be something else.
Could you please do the following: If you are in that bad state, choose from the main menu Help > Create Diagnostic Report. This will create a zip file on your desktop, containing your project data as well as some log files. If you are fine with it, post that zip file here in the forum. If it contains material or data you don’t want to disclose publicly, please send to u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de. I will use the file only to help in your case and delete when your case is settled.

I’ve seen this happen on occasion using 3rd party sound library. What I think is happening is a mute is getting set somehow but is not being displayed correctly. I can’t remember if it’s in the Doric Mixer or the 3rd party mixer. Usually can be resolved by going in and turning on Solo for some track and then turning it off. Or doing that with Mute. I’ve never had to revert to default playback configuration. But sometimes it takes some searching for whatever is in the wrong state.

I assumed it was happening when I was muting sections at a time to check levels, then quitting the program and then after relaunch it comes up muted but nothing in either mixer looks like it is muted.

Thanks for replies I have tried all combination of mutes but nothing is working so i have made a diagnostic report and hopefully someone can figure out what is wrong
Dorico (1.23 MB)