Sound disappears...

Hello everyone! Finally Ive signed up after lurking around in the shadows far too long…

Im a newbie when it comes to recording in Cubase 6 and something that bugs me quite often is that the sound disappears. What Ive done is to start the computer all over again and sound returns…

I can be sitting recording some midi and then trying different sounds. After a while I cannot hear anything but I can see by the meters going up that Im making sound with the midi! Whats the issue here, at one point I went from hearing my recording doing a cycle and without me changing anything just looking through effects, sound just disappears. Is my Apogee duet weird or do I need to change a setting that make sound go off after a couple of minuts?

Thanks in advance
All the best Alexander


What sound generator do you use? external HW synth or VSTi plug-in? Which one? What about effects? Did you use any? Which one?

If you are using VSTis, isn’t there any DEMO version of the VSTi?

Thanks Martin this might be the issue then with the sound dropping off?

Its the Halion Sonic SE and I will buy something and compare today but the strange thing is the meters. It was going up on the screen but alas, no sound. Even though its a demo It would not drop out of sound with the meters showing sound…? As I logged in today I noticed the message “unmapped port” for my oxygen 61. How do I set this up? I had it all going and then it disappeared but Im sure there are many ways to fix this. Hmm…I wonder

Okay Oxygen works again strangely…its something weird…sound dropping and coming back-----

Okay sound drops off for no reason at all but also when Im adjusting my duets volume. Suddenly, sound is gone but meters responding…

HALion Sonic SE shouldn’t be in DEMO mode. This is part of Cubase. And Cubase Trial works exactly the same, as full version.

What sound card do you use? What about your ASIO driver settings?

About the Oxygen: Did you have MIDI track with used Oxygen? If there is no track, it looks like unmapped.

Swede - are you using a Mac?

This is happening to me more frequently too.

Last night, I had the VST Amp open, needed to tune, so I moved the VST Amp plugin down one slot, added the tuner in slot one…sound gone as soon as I added that Steinberg plugin.

Now, I find I can often get the sound back by going into VST Devices and hitting the reset button.

But, this is a new problem for me, before 6.5 even…

Hi egelmett and Martin,

I love this forum! Yes indeed I do use a macbook pro 2011. Your issues seems familiar, I have that as well. My previous RME Babyface got stolen and so I had to get a used interface which happened to be the duet. Not very pleased with the sound actually but I’ll manage. Thing is, this sound thing happened once or twice with rme but with the duet its a routine. Now, I wouldnt want to point to the duet only for these issues- it might as well ( probably ) be me who’s not familiar yet with how it should be done.

Martin- Asio settings is Apogee Duet. I did address your tip and realised asio sort of resets itself every new project and every time I start Cubase. Perhaps that was one issue solved. Unfortunately, even though it seems to work with midi now, no luck yet with condensator mics. Today I threw 6.5 out and installed Cubase 6 again. Midi works as mentioned( I will consider the unmapped thing with no midi track in the future ) but mics is an issue. These things are maybe due to the fact that Im new to Cubase and daw’s - please bare with me folks. Its all very interesting and exiting at least. A little frustrating too as you can all imagine.

I actually just once today got the mic to work with the mono -in 1 and FX-1 roomworks se out. Could get decent sound but only if I boosted the sound with consonants. So the first phrase I got nice sound but then it drops out ( it doesnt disappear fortunately )

Any more great advice for a novice and Im much much thankful.

All the best