Sound doesn't work anymore

I have tried to make my microphone function and were unable (a mic plugged in the audio cable of the sound card motherboard). Then I thought it was because my baby bottle mic was also plugged with my UR44 and it was a configuration problem to select the mic from the sound card. Then I went in control panel, sound, and in the playback section, I disabled the UR44 sound. But it disappeared and I found no way to activate it back and make the sound work again.

I have 3 questions, you can choose which one to answer if you want to help me:

-How can I restore the sound after disabling it in the control panel/sound/playback section?

-Is it possible to talk in skype with my baby bottle connected to my UR44? How then? I bought another cheap mic just to talk online and would be much better if I could use my high quality mic

-How can I make my cheap microphone work if it’s my UR44 that is set as the default device?(my hypothesis why it doesn’t work)

Thanks for reading

p.s. I’m using windows 7 home premium and I have 2 ADAM 5x studio monitors