Sound dropout on export file on Essential 5

I am currently running Cubase Essential 5 on a P4 3Gb PC. Everything works fine just a bit slow. When I run the export file facility and chose 32bit floating, the sound quality on the wav. file is good. However, when I chose 24bit or 16bit I get sound dropouts on the wav. file. I am using an M-Audio 2496 soundcard. Is this a converter problem and if so, how do I resolve it?

Have you tried realtime export? Mixdown is an internal process, doesn’t go through the soundcard. What sample/bit rate is the card set for?

Does Ess5 have free routing? If so, route all tracks to a new audio track via a group or dummy out and record it like anything else and export the one track.


Thanks for your comments. E5 does not have realtime export facility. My normal operating set up on the sound card is 256buffer/44.1Hz sample rate/32bit floating. This gives me decent latency. However, when editing etc I change this setting to help with CPU limitations. Re the mixdown process, I have tried 2048buffer/32Hz sample rate when reducing to 24bit & 16bit. I get sound dropouts in both cases but in different places. I have tried sending the wav. to a new project file for rendering down and with some improvement but still the odd dropout. Not sure what you mean re ‘free routers’ though I suspect this is not available on E5. I have run this through the helpline and they suggested it might be soundcard drivers but I do not think this is the case here. M-Audio 2406 cards are pretty solid and up to date. Can’t think what the problem could be. Any ideas?

Essential 5 has free routing. Route all tracks to a group and the group to a new audio track and record real time.

If there are VSTi’s in your project, one of them could be causing the issue.