Sound drops out while playing


I bought UR22mkII Steinberg USB audio interface with Cubase AI included. But an odd thing occured. When I’m playing, everything is OK, I hear the sound, I hear the effects etc., but suddenly, the sound drops out for a moment and everything is OK. Imagine, that you’re playing a someone pulls out the cable from the amp and put it back again… I’ve noticed, that this happens, when the DAW knob on the audio interface is on the right side, so I can hear the sound from Cubase, but if I turn the knob to the left to Input, is it ok (but I can not hear the effects etc…), so it has to do something with this DAW position on the audio interface. It’s very random, like you’re playing 30 seconds without any problem and suddenly it drops out. It appears even on playback and after export.

Here’s the thing, I had Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 a couple days ago and everything was OK, I even downloaded trial version of Cubase and it was just fine, so I don’t understand, where’s the problem. I am really hopeless :confused:

Here is the link to download the sample of the sound for better understanding the problem.

Please, I would really appreciate any advice to fix this problem. Thank you very much.


Try to increase Buffet Size, please.


it seems, the problem was somewhere else. Apparently faulty USB port. Everything is OK now, case closed :slight_smile: Thank you :slight_smile: