Sound drops out

I have a really anoying issue with Dorico now.
In most cases I use Noteperformer in combination with Garritan JABB and quite often the sound drops out. The dropout itself is annoying since i need to restart the project to get the sound back, but the worst thing is that really loud and high squeak that sounds when hitting play and the sound drops out. Working with head phones is a nightmare right now, when getting that sound straight into my ears.
I can’t really tell when this started but I think it was somewhere after the last two updates.

The strange thing is that it only happens when starting playback on specific bars. For example the Project I’m working on right now the sound always crashes when starting on bar 189 (and others…)

I have another customer who reported me a similar (if not same) issue, but it happens not so frequently and is difficult to reproduce.
With you it seems to be kind of reproducible, would you be able to share the project with me (or the community here) so that we can try it out?

Sure, I can’t prove it, but to me it seems to be a NotePerformer issue. What if you choose the HSO playback template instead and play back,
does it also happen there?

Ulf, It doesn’t happen with HSO, so you might be right that it is a NP-problem. I’ll send you the file in a private message.

After som testing around I can now confirm that it works (on those specific places) when using only one library (e.g. NP, Garritan or HSO) but when using the combination of NP and Garritan it crashes.
If you have JABB and NP installed you can check at bar 189 in the file I just sent to you.

Thanks for sharing, and yes, I can reproduce the problem here as well. We’ll have a look into it immediately.
Btw, I have only HALion and NotePerformer, so all others are out of the equation :wink:

We apologize for the inconvenience. That sound is really ear blowing, so please take care.

The issue turned out to be in NotePerformer. Arne Wallander has already a fix for it and it will come out with the next NP update.