Sound drops out


I recently bought Cubase 7.5. I used to work with Samplitude and I’m glad I made the switch!

I do however encounter a small problem. When I playback recordings, sometimes my sound just drops out. I hear nothing. The program is still running and I can pause, stop or hit play. But I just can’t hear anything.

As I now run a few test projects to familiarize myself with the program, I also do’nt have a lot of tracks. And my computer has 16 GB RAM. So no problem there. I personally think it’s because of the fact that my recordings are on a seperate harddrive. How can I fix this?

thanks in advance!



Does this only happen with Cubase?

I’ve had a similar problem. I finally tracked the cause to a refrigerator (!) When the thermostat kicked in or out, it sent a spike down the power-lines. This didn’t affect my computer or any other equipment, except for my audio interface. This seemed to be exceptionally sensitive. Sometimes it just dropped out for half a second, and sometimes it just cut out and had to be re-booted.

I’m not saying that a fridge is causing your problem, but it might be a good idea to look at what other electric equipment there is around you. You might also try and insert a power regulator on the power lines going to your music equipment. This sometimes solves dropout problems caused by dodgy power-lines.

+1 Always a good idea to keep audio stuff off the same circuits as such devices. In other words, use a circuit with a separate loop back to the switchboard.

Check by plugging in a lamp to where the audio is and turn off the switchboard switch/fuse for the refrigerator. If the lamp goes out, use another outlet. It may only need to go into another socket in the same room, as wiring in larger rooms is often fed by multiple circuits.

The best device would be an online (always on battery = double-conversion) UPS as it would keep the lines absolutely clean, as well as provide enough time during a black/brown-out to save your session. Line-interactive devices are only providing clean power when the AC is down.

The downside is that they are relatively noisy, though one could put it elsewhere and run a long power lead from it. The other issue is that I don’t know if any of them have earth-leakage protection that one normally has from a direct connection to the switchboard.

Oh, and online UPSs are a couple of times more expensive than other technologies.