Sound Engineer/Technician Wanted

I need a Sound Engineer to help me upgrade my music studio. I am looking to transfer all my songs from Cubase SL, 2.2 to version 7. I want everything set up stored and routed for me to be easy to use! Also need to upgrade my mac and sound card. Any other advice would be great. Islington. London, UK

What city are you in?


how many songs are you looking to transfer ?

hi G-string

i have over 300 songs/pieces of music, but not all on cubase!
i have not counted but around 100 songs

i am hoping that i can find a process that will open them easily in the latest version of cubase - i don’t want to make stems as it will take weeks ( most of my songs have approx 25 tracks and my version of cubase SL 2.2 doesn’t create group stems only individual ones )


hello Violet

That’s quite some work needed , I may know someone from Harringay but i’ll have to give him a call later , personally im not a wizard at “Mac’s” but what ever the format it’s going to be tricky . It can be done but you will more than likely loose most fx and inserts from the sl2 if you don’t render your stems (AFAIK). It’s not a quick easy task but it can be done .
I’ll have a word with my Mac engineer and see if he might have some time to try and explain what he might be able to do .
Can’t promise anything but i’ll try :wink:
If he is available i’ll message you he’s number and you can deal with Mat directly :smiley:

thank you very much g string!

i understand that fx and vst instru’s will be lost - most of my tracks are audio, but anyway i will have to remix again once in the new cubase version
i can message you my mobile if your friend has any advice

Violet, you put up some music on the “made with cubase” forum quite a while ago… it was really good. Please give us more!

Early you have a good memory - that was ages ago!

I will post some wonky examples of my ineptness as an engineer, but hopefully skillfulness as a songwriter soon…i appreciate your encouragement in this sometimes lonely business of creativity


Hurrah i have finally upgraded from cubase 2 SL to C7!

it has all gone well, and as steinberg told me, projects have opened fine in C7.

obviously have to redirect pluggins and Fx etc, but wanted to ask one other question if anyone has done this before…i have to reset the VST connections for every project.
ie, open project, go to VST connections, reset the presets to ‘stereo’ then highlight all tracks and make these stereo too.

is there an easier way of doing it rather than manually for each project?
as i have hundreds of projects…!