Sound flexphrased classification in HALion5

In particulair i am interested in the flexphrased sound for midi export
To examine those sound who has a flexphrasing assigned is a disaster in HALion5…cannot find them easy
What sounds are flexphrased ?
Stupid design of HALion5 to be not capable to get easy oversight of the midiflexphrased sounds.
Or do i miss something ?

flex phrase can be assigned to any sounds in HALion / HALion Sonic 2

I think what he is talking about is presets already made with flexphraze .

lets look at it in a different way , what is a flexphraze ???

Yes, i do want to use the midi recorded from the "flexphrased "sounds in HALion, but those flexphrased sounds are difficult too find in HALion5–> there is no easy recognization
In HALion there are not flexphrased sounds ( a empty flexphraser ) and there are flexphrased sounds ( filled with flexphrases )
Most sounds in HAlion uses the standard way of construction them with a oscillator, filter amplifier , but some sounds add a flexphraser (midi module)
to it
If you use HALion sonic 2 or 5 you can see the flexphrases in the program
Example : in HALion5 i have opened a sound: One finger Phasing GLP ( where GLP is for standing ? )…a articulated sound with a flexphrased base.
I can record this flexphrase and drag it in Cubase 7, where i can extract i think chords from it and see what the articulation trigger notes are in the key editor ?
A handy feature is also that chords progression made in Cubase7 can be dragged onto the triggerpad in HALion5
Some sound comes with premade chords for them under the trigger pads…you can drag them in Cubase i think too (the other way around)

So HALion lacks a clear oversight of the sounds made with the aid of the midi flexphraser module
If i can see this easy than i can choose use the recorded flexphrases more structured

i like to see in the flexphrase for a update also how long the flexphrases are and the possibility to drag one flexphrase right away ( without recording ) into Cubase

again im going to ask you a simple question , what is a flexphase is it not an arpeggio ???

so if you clear your filters and activate Arpeggio in the filter then you have all the flexphaze presets ???

Whats complicated about that ?

For me it is complicated, so i don’t see how i can get easy all midi phrases form the sounds ?
Can i get midi phrases from all sounds than?

There is also a midiplayer in HALion5 what plays the phrases…and dragging midiphrases from this is also possible
I am confused with the flexphraser and midiplayer… for dragging midi phrases…
There is also a midi drumplayer… when shows this up in HALion5 ?
How to use this mididrumplayer …is it applied in some sounds ?
Suppose there is no Flexphrase in the sound…will there be Always a Midi player for the sound ?..for dragging the midiphrases…questions.

I don’t suppose you bothered to look at the manual. There is a clear explanation about the differences between the functions of Flexphrase, Midi Player and Drum Player. They each serve a unique “playing” mode.
Flex = arps
Player = chords/melodies/combis
Drum = err… GM style grid drum triggering

Yes, it is described in the manual …thanks
Interesting to know where the Midi Player is filled with default ?: World percussion
Or is there more to get for midiphrases …

I have looked also to the new beatbox module in HALion5;; i can record my own drumphrases.
Beatbox has only a maindrum phrase to offer I like to see also some drumvariations ( fill in , intro, end ) …Can i find something from this in Cubase ?
Well i don’t like to program drum fill in, intro and ends …and what more for drumvariation