Sound I/O probs with pc speakers. With new user intro

Hi, I have just got Cubase after moving from Logic. I’ve been using Logic for about 10 years and a Roland vs2480 for 10 years before that. Technically, I know what I’m doing but when ever I change DAW / System, It makes me feel like I know nothing for the first few weeks.
So hello to everyone and apologies if my questions are going to be realy basic and easy things.

Ok. I have a Roland UA25ex attached USB. It seems to be working fine. But I can’t get the audio to output through the pc’s normal speakers. I have a external pair of Edifiers plugged into the headphone on the soundcard and they are working fine with everything else.

In Logic I would access preferences and select whichever output I wanted at that time… Roland, on board audio… Etc. I have accessed Audio Connections and:
Bus Name has multiple sterio / mono outs.
Speakers has sterio and can’t be changed.
Audio Device has either Not connected or UA25EX.
Device port is selection of L/R outs depending on Audio Device.

I can’t get the audio to go through the standard speakers. Can anyone help?

Hi and welcome on the forum,

In Cubase, you can use only 1 Audio Device (ASIO driver) in the given time.

If you want to merge multiple Audio Devices, use virtual ASIO Driver ASIO4ALL, please.

Hi, thanks for the answer. I’ve never heard of something like that before. I completely forgot I have a usb guitar that would require another driver to input… So this is exactly what I need.

Hi Martin. I was looking through and installed Asio4All, It would only show my midi keyboard as an option. Once installed, do I need to do anything else?


Could you attach a screenshot from the ASIO4ALL panel, please?

Hi again. I managed to find the “Advanced Settings” after persevering. I don’t know if it works yet but I have been able to set a different input from the out put. Once I get the USB guitar setup I’ll know for sure. Thanks for replying, very appreciated. I’ll say if I need more help.