Sound in Dorico fine, but distorted elsewhere

I have Dorico 5 Pro on a PC, using a Focusrite Scarlett Solo audio interface

I’ve had excellent sound with Dorico and everywhere else (browsers, playing audio files). Recently, my main browser (Opera)started distorting (crackling when sound was playing). Firefox was OK, so I’ve not tried to fix the problem. Now all browsers sound distorted and playing audio in VLC also (though less so). Dorico remains fine.

Any thoughts? I know this is only indirectly about Dorico, but it’s related, so I hope it’s OK to post. (Note - I’m not super techy when it comes to sound…)


I’m afraid I don’t have much expertise to offer here, but you should check the settings in the Sound applet in Control Panel to make sure you have the appropriate buffer size and sample rate chosen.

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Thanks Daniel - my (unchanged) Focusrite settings are 44.1k sample rate and (the max) 1024k buffer

Distorted when not running through the Focusrite? An essential troubleshooting step.

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Hi Andro, Thank you for pushing me to experiment - the limits of my understanding have made me hesitate as I fear I’ll make things worse…

One problem is that I have no other sound source - except, I realise a headphone socket in the PC. So some success, then an unexpected cure:

  • with headphones plugged in, Dorico still played through the Focusrite (because it uses the Focusrite ASIO driver?) and sounded fine

  • listening to my browser through headphones was fine, but distorted without (which would be perfectly manageable as a way of working0

  • and then suddenly, it’s all fine - the YouTube video is no longer distorted through the speakers.

I don’t like not understanding, but will accept it gratefully. The only thing I can imagine is that selecting a non-Focusrite/speaker sound source and then re-connecting caused a reset of some kind.