Sound in Halion from one project but not another

Since upgrading to Dorico Pro 3 I have been finding that suddenly I have no sound in one particular project I’m working on.

In the Halion window, I see audio meter activity. I can drag on the midi keyboard, and the audio meters register output, but I don’t hear anything.

What’s strange is that I can simultaneously open another similar project with the same Halion instrument, and I get audio in the second project fine but not the first. This makes me think there is some project-specific setting in the first project that I’ve messed up.

When I first started having this problem, opening the second project and initiating playback solved the problem with the first for some reason. But that isn’t working anymore – now I have both projects open and totally normal sound output from one but nothing from the other.

Thanks in advance… I watched the troubleshooting video and spent a good amount of time in the forums and couldn’t find any answers. One thread from 2017 suggested resetting the “default playback configuration” which I remember from earlier versions but don’t see anywhere anymore – was it removed for the latest version?

Play mode, Play menu.

Are you talking about “Playback Template…” ? I’ve tried going into that and applying a different template and re-applying the default – I watch it reload all the instruments into Halion and then still seem to have the same problem.

For what it’s worth, audio started working for a minute just now for no reason I could figure out and then Dorico crashed…

That’s definitely one thing I would have recommended, but I was referring to Reset Playback Overrides.

Although I guess setting a template would do that. Not 100% in my element, so that’s all I’ve got. Sorry!

You’re welcome to post the project here and I (or the team) would be glad to take a crack at it.

Have you accidentally muted the channels? (there’s a key command for this, so it does happen that people trigger it unintentionally) Try opening the mixer from the button on the toolbar and then on the mixer toolbar there are ‘m’ and ‘s’ buttons that will reset the mixer mute and solo states.

wow, I’m halfway there!.. “output” was muted and now that I have un-muted that I can get sound when I click on the keyboard inside of Halion, but am still not hearing anything when I playback the score… so close…

All of the mutes and solo buttons in the “VST Instruments” mixer channels seem to be off.

If you’re still having problems, Chris, zip up the project and attach it here, or email it to me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de and I’ll take a look.