Sound Installation M1 Mac Book

Dear Forum,
MacBook 2020 M1 Ventura 13.5.2 here:

just installed Dorico 5 with the given Steinberg Download Assitant. I got several error messages that sound files can´t be moved…
When opening dorico it shows all libs that can´t be used, besides I cant hear the familiar sound of the classical guitar staff in a PC Project created in v3.5.

Is there an uninstall procedure to delete already unusable installed content?
How to perfectly install the Sounds for dorico 5 then.


Have you checked Steinberg Library Manager? That tells you what libs are installed where and moves them for you.

Nah, shows repeatedly pop ups so far only with failed moves…
so whats the whole process here after the given installation being checked green in the download manager?
In case:
How to uninstall any data consuming Disk space here, if not compatible yet?


Sorry. Can’t help on Mac (I’m PC only). There are numerous threads on Mac sound installation.

Hi @Byhxx ,

first we need some more info:
Some of the sound libraries are installed correctly or not?
And you have trouble with only certain sound libraries, also correct?

Along with Dorico the Steinberg Library Manager gets installed. Please launch that one and it shows you what sound libraries it could find being installed. There is also a button for removing a library again and another one for moving sound libraries (this is for the case where you want to move big, heavy sound libraries to an external hard drive.
And the error message shows a different problem: See, the Steinberg Download Manager first downloads all files from our downloads server and then runs an installer. The downloaded files all go into the folder [yourhomedirectory]/Downloads/Steinberg and from there picked up by the Steinberg Library Manager to get moved into the final destination folder (/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Content/HALion/VST Sound). The error message shows that the Library Manager does not have sufficient access rights to the destination folder in order to make the move.
I would try to start the Steinberg Download Assistant with elevated rights (super user) and then to reinstall the libraries that did not work properly before.
Is this enough info or do you need more detailed help?

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This has come up several times, as you know, and it really needs to be fixed in the SLM.

You don’t need to delete anything. You need to open the Terminal, and run this command:

sudo chgrp -R staff /Library/Application\ Support/Steinberg/Content/*

(This command changes the access to the content folders. It is an entirely normal setting, and there is no security risk.)

Then you can install the files that didn’t work. You should find them in your Downloads folder, in a Steinberg sub-folder. You can double click on any .vstsound files, and they should move to the correct location.

The Download Assistant doesn’t actually tell you if things have been successfully installed. But you can try doing “Install Again” (Erneut) for the SE 3 Content, which you know didn’t install by the error message.


Works fine now,Dear Ulf & Dear benwiggy!!
When double klicking on the sound installers there is a prompt to give permisson to the download folder and files are being installed, when accepted.
Can hear the sounds in dorico5 now!


The SLM seems to control the deinstallation of sound files. Can I do it properly here, IF necessary at all sometime?

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Yes, the Steinberg Library Manager keeps track of what Steinberg contents and where it is installed and it is the best tool to remove that again (if need be).

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