Sound installer won't upload properly

I just installed Dorico Pro 3.5
and installed the sound library as well.
but still getting this error for some reason
“an esstinal component used by dorico for playback has not been found”
I am using WIN 10

here is a photo of the error and Dorico Diagnostics

Thank you very much

Dorico (997.1 KB)

Could you please open the Steinberg Library Manager (gets installed along with Dorico) and see which sound libraries are detected and where they are installed? There is a Details button on the right for each library. You click on that and the installation path gets shown.

Hi Ulf
Thank you for your comment
sure, here is a short video with all the details

Thank you🎶

aThank you for the video, @Shahaf .
The installation paths are all correct, but you have Dorico 3.5 but also contents installed from Dorico 5 (namely e.g. HALion Selection library). Contentwise there is no difference but from ID ands license.
So I would delete the library ‘HALion Sonic Selection’ and then in the Steinberg Download Assistant, go to the Dorico 3.5 section and then install from there the Contents Pack explicitly for Dorico 3.5.
And then lets see what Dorico has to say afterwards.