Sound Instrument Sets impressions

I thought it might be helpful to comment on the available sound instrument sets. I have the full HalionSonic version 1.6 with the Hypnotic Dance, Treibwerk, and Dark Planet. Please bear in mind these are just my impressions and could hopefully help to guide someone that might be between purchasing one or the other. Maybe some other users could chime in with additional opinions. I have had Hypnotic Dance the longest. It is the least expensive of the three and has a few hundred additional sounds. The sounds in this set seems the most ‘ready to use’. The sounds are bright and wide like one might expect from a dance soundset. There is plenty of room to edit sounds. Many sounds are based on the subtractive synth and can be altered easily. The unique feature to this soundset is the step modulator. There are a bunch of variations that can be dropped in to change the rhythmatic feel of a given sound. This is a good first addition and a nice extension of the factory content set. The second sound instrument set is Treibwerk. It is also a dance oriented set. I would say that the sound is thicker than Hyponotic Dance. Many of the sounds have that ‘supersaw’ quality. The interface gives basic filter and amp controls. Chances are that you will want to get in deeper to tweak the sounds and personalize them. I like all three sets but this one is third place. Dark Planet is the newest soundset. When I purchased it and started auditioning the sounds I was very disappointed. I am sure as it is presented, it is what the designers intended, very raw, very grainy, very low tech and dirty. Not really my style. I thought “what was I thinking”, the sound demos should have tipped me off". Now that I have had a chance to work with Dark Planet, I am glad I have it. There is a ton af great material in here. For me, I can adjust out some of the ‘dirt’ and still enjoy the futuristic soundscapes. There are hundreds of loops/ grooves to provide inspiration for many musical styles. It does not seem as ‘tweakable’ because much of the material is rex/ loop/ sample based. I still have much to learn about all three sets but if I had to rank them right now it would be - Dark Planet, Hypnotic Dance, then Treibwerk. These are just some early impressions (all impressions subject to change without notice, all sales are final, blah blah blah). Good luck to all.

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